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Monday, October 5, 2009

Frolicking in Chakryn Forest

Video of Cornucopia Blender

Artist Comment:
I was invited to come exhibit several of my light and sound installations by Bettina Tizzy in the phenomenol, mysterious Chakryn Forest. Wandering around the dark corners of the island, I discovered pools, lagoons, mountains and glades to rezz my new and old artworks in settings like no other. This has been especially exciting as well as challenging as I am not used to installing in settings that already have such phenomological qualities as Chakryn Forest. For me creating art pieces that invite users to enter in and experience a "here and now" state is key and this forest already functions on this level. I feel this context sharpens and enhances the work. I hope visitors enjoy it as much as I did installing in the forest.


"Liquid Light"


On a grandiose scale, "Liquid Light" hovers over a lagoon on the far side of Chakryn Forest. Towers of rippling white light solidify and then melt away. Burning through and fusing with the ripples are yellow forms reminscent of the heat of the sun. An avatar flies into this passage of liquid light and she herself blends with the layers of thawing and reconstituting elements. Is this simulacra? If it is, it's linked to something more primal, sense based, an early memory of warm light on water.

"Drips & Drops"

A whirling durvish of megaprim swirly forms and bubbles mixing in an ambient abstract space. Created to inspire fun and joy, come float in this sky painting and be a part of the composition. Positioned on a remote site of the Chakryn Forest, hovering a little rock island. The sounds were inspired by my 9 year old son's cello playing.

"Cornucopia Blender"
As the name suggests, it's as if the artist's palette of light and color have been thrown into a giant blender turning this dark part of the forest into a cornucopia of organic sensation. Clearly not made to blend into the forest, this light installation overwhelms the senses, dilating one's pupils and assaulting your ears.

"manifestations of E"
an unhaiku list...
vice versa

The Enchantress
She waits for you. A shining light of geometry. A vessel containing her song to you. She guards the pool not far from the naked sleeper. Rest inside her belly of the Enchantress.

Jelly Dahlia
One of my older sculptures brought back to life for Chakra. This is not just another biological simulacra but an alien invention with undulating petals. The scale of this piece invites a visit from the top where you should pay attention to the flower blooming in the dark. A soft piece with the sounds of atmospheric chimes.