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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Mess of Artwork (Week #52)

150 meters above Brooklyn is Watching in SL.

Unlike the previous two weeks at BiW which seem focused on collective themes like rainbow stripes or window/walls, it's been a random week where I created various artworks scattered throughout the sim among other artists random works. Nonetheless, it's been a lot of fun.

The first piece in this set is called Intersection at BiW and is made up of thin black megaprims that randomly glide across the floor of sim with a brush-like texture animated in each to make them appear to strech and contract.

The second piece is a "art is anything you can get away with" and based on a quote by Marshall McLuhan. The piece is a combination of animated textures and distorted words in the surface of the water of the channel close to the entrance gate of BiW. The motion of the piece has a strange feeling of being alive and feels a bit "alien planet" to my eye.

The third piece is an older work Drips & Drops rerezzed at 150m above the sim. I've enjoyed bringing this piece back to life.