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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Are You OK?" - A Mixed Reality Collaboration

In "Are You OK?" as part of the Brooklyn is Watching "Best of Year One Festival", I was invited to create a virtual environment for avatars to perform in and which would then become a mixed reality installation at the Jack the Pelican Presents gallery in Brooklyn NY. The av interactions with the immersive art would be projected in the rl gallery for rl visitors to experience the art from an av's perspective. Also creating work in SL is my good friend Oberon Onmura who invited me to join the event. I adapted my own work "The Wild West of My Watercolor Set" to make a winding walkthrough to allow an av (and the gallery visitors) to experience the work from different perspectives and levels of immersion.

Directed by Bianca Ahmadi and Juan Rubio
Jeff Ertz : Live Sound
Virtual Art: Oberon Onmura and Juria Yoshikawa

More about this can be found on the BiW blog.
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