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Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Time to Sell SL Art in RL!

Gallery Mockup - Prints for RL Gallery

Photo Grid - I'm Not Here

I'll be showing and selling my SL art in real life for the first time during the Boston Cyber Arts Festival at CounterpART Gallery. My SL installation "I'm Not Here" will be featured in Boston Cyber Arts, shown as a SL-RL link up in the gallery allowing viewers to experience it in SL. The images being sold are of the same work.

CounterpART Gallery is run by Jeff Lipsky (Filthy Fluno in SL). If you're near Boston, come check out the show April 23 to May 10.

Why not buy a print and be one of the first people to own a real life Juria Yoshikawa artwork?

Also here's a news release from Boston Cyber Arts with mention of my work.
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