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Friday, April 3, 2009

Seeing Spots, Being Dots (Dance of Mayhem Plus Homogeneity)

This is a performance that took place in SL and was shown live in Berlin on Feb. 15, 2009:

Seeing Spots, Being Dots (Dance of Mayhem Plus Homogeneity)

Best quality video here.

Visual Art - Juria Yoshikawa (Lance Shields)
Sound - Nnoiz Papp (Tobias Becker)
Videography - Evo Szuyuan (Brigit Lichtenegger)

Juria Yoshikawa: Kinetic environment and participatory performance
Nnoiz Papp: Musical composition and musical performance
Olga Wunderlich: Curator in rl and sl

In SL: 02/15/2008, part of the CARP3 Show, Diabolus Art Space
In RL: 02/15/2008, a part of the Directors Lounge Festival in Berlin, Scala in Friedrichstr

Let us suppose that we’re all just a temporary mishmash of dots on a screen. All of our energy, personality and uniqueness is just a collection of bouncing color dots creating seemingly meaningful patterns we call a virtual world. Zoom in and you are a sea of dots with no form. Zoom back and you’re just a spot on the map.

In celebration of all of our dottiness and spottiness, virtual installation artist Juria Yoshikawa joined up with composer-artist Nnoiz Papp to perform “Seeing Spots, Being Dots” at Diabolus Island as part of the art show CARP3. The performance was simultaneously shown at at the Scala in Friedrichstr. 112A as a part of the Directors Lounge Festival in Berlin.

Participation welcome:
The “dance” was open to all attendees of the virtual event. People received a dot costume and large kinetic sculptures to wear to take part in this improvised performance.
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