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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art that Functions on Many Levels

I'm Not Here (rerezzed) - Snapshot

My virtual installation "I'm Not Here" is about to officially open at RL venue CounterpART Gallery which is a part of Boston Cyber Arts Festival starting April 24. I've taken countless images in the two light space-sculptures since I first rezzed it two years ago. This is a new shot taken in the rerez at Kennesaw State University sim located here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/VWDEV%20ITEC%20ISLE/80/216/24/ One of the ideas of this installation is that the art functions on many levels: virtual installation and space, 2D photos taken within the spaces and shown on the wall panels in SL and more recently starting in two days actual prints of the images shown in the RL gallery in Lowell, MA. If people buy some of the prints, they will be hung on their home or office walls and this will be another level. All of these are experiences in themselves and raise such questions as what is here and now, what is art, what is this experience I'm having right now?
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