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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scratchy Night Re-rezzed at Memespelunk Revival

As part of Memespelunk Revival, I've brought Scratchy Night back to life.
Scratchy Night portrays a nocturnal world alight with star-shaped scratches, all akilter. An installation inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Elros Tuominen and my 9 y.o. son. One eared Van Gogh for his Starry Night (always worth a look.) The jolly basque Elros for his impressive "inside road to ovetum" ( a tip of the hat.) And my struggling artist kid for his invention of scratch through black and color crayon drawings (clever lad.) Also as always sounds so turn up your volume. Music was partially sampled from the band Animal Collective.

To view this large immersive space: fly up into the sphere and move around within. Be sure to have your volume turned on to enjoy the ambient sound. Collective.

Location in SL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/VWDEV%20ITEC%20ISLE/59/110/35/

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