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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Video collection now at Memespelunk

Memespelunk Revival Studio now has a selection of my SL art videos that load in a video viewer to watch by clicking "video menu". While these videos can be seen on my account of Vimeo, I thought it would be cool to let visitors of the sim see a selection of past works on video while in-world. This of course doesn't replace experiencing the actually immersive experience but gives an idea of the variety of work I have done. Also, the viewer has a collection of photos accessed by clicking the "web controls" title. There are even more videos linked to the web by clicking the purple ball at the top right. The video viewer was custom made by Beau Markova (SL name) who is currently building an interesting new art and culture sim called Humanitas Nova. He has invited me to set up a few pieces at his sim and will also be showing my videos there. Thanks to Beau, I have a richer experience on exhibit at Memespelunk in April and May. I also should thank Evo Szuyuan for doing the videography for many of these videos. She did a great job on Being Spots, Seeing Spots.

Video collection at Memespelunk
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